This is NGC 2264, which includes the Cone Nebula. This is a famous nebula in the Orion Arm surrounding the NGC 2264 star cluster. The 'cone' is a triangular dark nebula near the bottom right of the nebula. The bright star at the center left of this picture is 15 Monocerotis (or 'S Monocerotis') - it is a quadruple star system consisting of four brilliant blue-white stars (classes O7, B7, B8 and A6) and it is partly responsible for causing the nebula to glow. The area above the bright star is called the Fox Fur nebula for obvious reasons.

This image has a total of 6.5 hours of exposure with the Hyperion scope, an STL-11000 camera and the entire run of exposures was under the control of CCD AutoPilot software. Be sure to click on this image for more detail. This image was taken February 13-16 and March 2, 2010 under clear, but very generally humid skies.

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